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Elizabeth Doretta Lipps

Elizabeth Lips was the fourth child of William Ernest and Mary Harriet Lipps and the second daughter. She was born May 1859 in

Elizabeth Doretta Lipps Dewitt County, Texas. In 1860 she is listed on the census as E. D. Lips age 21 and in 1870 her name is given as Elizabeth age 12.2

Not much is known about Elizabeth until she marries Brower Broer on 21 April 1878 in DeWitt County.3 Her father, W.E. Lips witnessed the event.4

Brower was born 24 April 1848 in Oldendorf, Hanover, Prussia.5 His family immigrated to American in 1849 landing in Old Indianola and then settling that same year in Gonzales, Texas. His siblings included Anna, Peter and younger brother, Martin who married Elizabeth’s sister, Aryanna Lipps.6

In 1880, Brower and Elizabeth were living with his mother, Deepke and brother, Peter. At this time they had a nine month old daughter, Ladora.7 She was born in September, 1879.8 Brower’s father, Schweer, had already past away on 12 October 1869.9 Peter was the only single child at home. He decided not to marry and he told the family he knew it was impossible for two women to live peacefully and happily in the same home. Therefore, at the age of twenty-four, Peter determined to delay marriage as long as his mother lived.10 She died 15 February 1891.11

Brower was a farmer most of his life. However he and Peter would make trips to Mexico City taking cotton to exchange for calico and shoes and other manufactured products not available to Texas.12 He also was a trail driver. His name was mentioned in the Gonzales Inquirer in 1923 for the Old Trail Drivers Reunion.13

Elizabeth and Brower had five children: Dora, born in September 187914, Charles Owen, born 2 August 188115, Laura born 14 December 188416, Martin born 14 April 188817 and John born 22 April 189018

Elizabeth died at an early age. The following obituary was printed in the Gonzales Inquirer.

Died--At her home in Gonzales, on Sunday, September 17, 1893 at 12 o'clock, Mrs Elizabeth Doretta Broers, aged 35 years and 9 months. Her death was caused from crysipelas.19 Her remains were interred in the Odd Fellows Cemetery Monday at 11 o'clock a.m. She leaves a husband and serveral small children to moun her loss.20

After the death of Elizabeth, Brower evidently had a lady, who also had the name of Elizabeth, help with the care of the children. On the 1900 census report21 the census taker has mistaken this Elizabeth as Brower's wife. However, there is no proof that Brower ever remarried and, there are age discrepancies on the census. Or, perhaps the children were asked who their mother was and the census taker wrote down Elizabeth. Brower's occupation at this time was a tank builder and Dora, aged 20, was a music teacher. The other children were all in school.22

In the next ten years, all the children have left home except Martin who is found living with his father in Gonzales. Brower is employed as a farmer and Martin is working on the home farm.23

Brower continues to work as a farmer and by 1920 he is living by himself but not too far from his son, Owen, and his wife, Jose. They are living on the Waelder and Gonzales Public Road.24

In 24 Oct 1927 Brower Broer dies. The Gonzales Inquirer reported his death.25

Brower Broers
Old Resident Passes in Death
Funeral of Brower Broer Here Tomorrow Afternoon

Relatives here received a message this morning conveying the sad news of the death of Brower Broer, one of the old time residents of Gonzales, who passed away Tuesday night at the home of his son, John Broer, at Ross, near Waco. Mr. Broer who had been in failing health for the past several years left here nearly two years ago to live with his son, leasing his farm on the Waelder highway where he had lived for years.

He was 79 years of age. Surviving him are three sons, Owen and John Broer of Near Waco and Martin Broer of Cleveland, and one daughter Mrs. Allen Hancock of Rising Star, several grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. H. Reese of this city.

His wife who was formerly Miss Elizabeth Doretta Lipps passed away years ago. A daughter, Miss Laura May Broer, also preced him in death.

Mr. Broer was one of the old timers of this section, coming here with his parents in 1849, when but one year of age. He grew up at the old Broer homestead on East Avenue, and except for a short while he lived with his sons, spent his life here, having lived in Gonzales 76 years.

He was an old trail driver, going up the trail several times, making the trip up into Nebraska sometimes with herds, from here. He was also one of the pioneer freighters of Texas, making a number of trips over into Mexico as well as frequent trips between Gonzales and the old port of Indianola, then an important port of entry for supplies.

Mr. Broer was a member of the Christian Church of Gonzales for many years, having early professed his faith in Christ. He was reared in a godly home, his parents having been deeply religious, and his christain training was abundantly evident in his life, his relation with his fellowman and in his home.

He was a veteran member of the Gonzales Lodge I.O.O.F. and made it a point to attend its meetings when possible, the order and its precepts being held dear to him.

Mr. Broer had numbers of old friends over this section who will genuinely regret to learn of his passing. The remains will be brought here for burial, arriving in Gonzales tomorrow and the funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon under the direction of Kleine Brothers, undertakers, with burial ceremonies conducted by the I.O.O.F Lodge.

The Children of Elizabeth and Brower Broers

1. Ladora Broers

Dora Elizabeth Broer Ladora who was also called Dora was born in September 1879 in Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas.26 She was a music teacher in 1900 living with her family in Gonzales. She married J. Allen Hancock about 1906.27 In 1910 J. Allen is a carpenter and their first child is born, Dow W. Hancock. They are living in Snyder, Scurry, Texas.28 It is believed he died January 1983 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas. 29 During the next 10 years, two more children are born. Dorothy L. Hanock was born in Texas in 1910 and Joyce C. Hancock was born in Texas in 1914. The family is living in Brown County, Texas.

2. Charles Owen Broers
Charles Owen was born 2 August 1882 in Gonzales, Texas.30 He married Josephine Jodie Mangum 26 August 1911 in Denton Creek, Gonzales, Texas. An article about the couple said: The bride, who is the daughter of W. F. Mangum, living a short distance east of town on Denton Creek Rd., grew to womanhood here. The groom is to be heartily congratulated on winning for life partner one who is possessed of the admirable qualities of noble womanhood that have won for her the love and esteem of all who know her. Mr. Broer was also born and reared here where he had made a reputation of an industry and uprightness. After an absence of several years he returned to Gonzales and has been engaged in farming the past year. His parents are editor of the Inquire. The Young couple will make their home here.31,32

He was buried in the Odd Fellows Gonzales Cemetery along with his wife Jodie who died 6 August 1948 in Thompsonvill, Gonzales, Texas.33

3. Laura May Broers
Laura May was born 14 December 1884 in Gonzales, Texas. She lived a short life and died 7 November 1901 in Gonzales. She was buried in the Oddfellow Gonzales Cemetery.34

4. Martin Broers
Martin was born 14 April 1888 in Gonzales, Texas.35 He married Rose Catherine Coleman about 1912. Rose was born 12 August 1883.36 Martin's occupation for most of his life was an auto mechanic37and later an owner of a garage in Cleveland, Liberty, Texas.38 Martin dies 12 September 1934 in Cleveland, Liberty, Texas.39 and Rose dies 28 March 1939 in Houston, Harris, Texas.40

Their first child, Doris Emma Broers> was born 3 Nov 1913 in Weimar, Colorado, Texas.41 She married Willis Matlock.42 They had two children, Martin Joe Matlock43 who married Virginia Stripling. Their children were Brian Todd Matlock45 and Brad Steven Matlock.46

Doris Emma Matlock died 15 January 2004. Her obituary from the Cleveland Advocate read:

Doris Emma Matlock Doris Emma Matlock, of Cleveland, Texas, passed away January 15, 2004, at the age of 90. She was born in Weimer, Texas to Martin E. and Rose Katherine Broer on November 3, 1913. She is leaving behind her son, Martin Joe Matlock and wife, Virginia Stripling Matlock; duaghter, Rosemary Matlock Grimmet grandchildren, Brian Matlock, Brad Matlock, Jennifer A. Grimmet and a host of other loving family and friends. She is preceded in death by her husband, Willis Matlock, and her brother, Elliott Broer. Funeral services were held Saturday, January 17, 2004, 11:00 a.m. at Pace-Stancil/Probst chapel. Dr. Howell Burkhead conducted the service with interment at Cleveland Memorial Park. Pallbearers were Walter Stovall, Bob Wood, Leon Wells, Donny Wall, Charles Adams, and Joe Bazar.47

Their second child, Rosemary Matlock was born 4 August 194248 and married James Alexander Grimmet.49 Born to them was Jenifer Adriane Grimmet50 who married William I Traverner.51

5. John Henry Broers
John Henry Broers, the fourth child of Doretta Elizabeth Lipps and Brower Broers was born 22 April 1890 in Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas.52 John Henry had several occupations during his life. He worked as a carpenter in 1910 while he was living with his sister, Dora Hancock in Scurry, Syndesr, Texas.53. In 1917 he was working as an electrician for the Houston Light and Power Company.54 and as a laborer in the oil fields.55 Later on he worked as an auto mechanic.56 He married Mae Sue Hale in 1923.57 They had one daughter, Mary Francis Broers who was born 3 Oct 1926 in ,Harris, Texas.58 Mary Francis married Donovan Lee Prince59 and had one son, VDonovan Lee Prince II.60 Donovan Lee Prince I died 19 June 1997 in Pearland, Brazorio, Texas.

John Henry Broers died on 25 November 1979 in Pearland, Brazoria, Texas61 Mae Sue Hale Broers died 23 Dec 1931 in Cleveland, San Jacinto, Texas.62

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