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Sallie Abigal Lipps

Sallie Abigal was born on 17 August 1860 in DeWitt County.1 She is first mentioned in the 1870 census of Clinton, DeWitt, Texas as a ten year old. Along with her parents she is living with her other siblings: Charles age 17, Aryanna age 15, Elizabeth age 12, John age 7, Fred age 4 and Nancy age 1. Her father is a shoemaker.2

By 1880 Sallie has married Uriah Owen They were married April 21, 1880, in Cuero, DeWitt County. The ceremony was performed by Woodlief Thomas, 'minister of the gospel.' Witnesses to the event were Martin Broer and Wm. E. Lips.3

In the census of 1880, the couple is listed in the household of William E. and Mary H. along with Fred age 14, Nannie age 9, Mollie, Nettie age 7 and Otis. Doretta has married, Charles and John may be in Mexico, Richard probably died before 1870. Uriah's occupation is given as "dentist." The date on this census is July 6, 1880.4 They are probably visiting with her family because they are found in another census enumeration in the city of Gonzales on June 30, 1880. Their last name is listed as Owens.5

Uriah Owen was the fourth child of a family of eight children, born to Otha and Susan A. Cline, 6 on August 26, 1849.7 He grew to manhood in Saybrook, Illinois. It is said that he graduated from Ann Arbor Michigan School of Dentistry. Shortly, thereafter, he went to San Francisco for his health where he spent several years.8 Later he went to Gonzales, Texas where he met and married Abbie Lipps9 and set up a dental business in Gonzales.11

On July 31, 1883 a daughter, Nettie Bertha Owen, was born in Leesville, Gonzales, Texas. According to the certificate of birth, the mother, Sallie Abbie, was born in Cuero and age 23 at the time of this birth. Uriah was 33 years old.12

The February 13, 1886,issue of the Gonzales Inquirer carried a notice which read:

"U. Owens, The Dentist--Office over Mrs. Green's Millinery store. Will visit residences. All kinds of dentistry done and warranted."

Uriah died in 4 April 1889, and this brief article appeared in the Inquirer on April 4, 1889:

"Dr. U. Owens, who practiced dentistry in this county for a number of years, died Monday from heart disease, at the resident of Frank Baker, six miles west of Hochheim."13

The next record of Abbie is in 1891, when the June 18 issue of the Inquirer reported that "Miss Sarah Owens, who has been teaching school at Beeville, returned to Gonzales this week." 14

Perhaps when Sallie returned to Gonzales, where she met Andrew John Martin. They were married on January 23, 1893.15 He had two children by a previous marriage, Charles N. (b Dec 1879) and Arthur J. (b. jan 1883).16

As an added note about Andrew, according to the 1880 Census, Blanco County, Texas it lists Andrew J. Martin 27, his wife, Lina V., 19, a son, Charles, 1, and brother -in-law, Samuel S. Skaggs, 16. Birthplaces of Martin and his parents are all in Tennessee.17

Andrew and Abbie had a son, Claud, born to them in January 1899.18> In 1900 the family is living in Milam County, Texas. Andrew works on a farm as a day laborer chopping wood. His two sons, Charles and Arthur, are also living with them and working on a farm. Sallie's daughter, Nettie Owen, is 16 years old and living with them also.19 Around 1905 Nettie marries Ernest Albert Crundwell of Brownwood.20 Later, during 1909 Sallie's father, William Ernest Lipps dies. His obituary states that she and her family are living in Brownwood.21

By 1910, the family has moved to Chapel Hill in Brown County, Texas. Andrew's two boys have moved. At this point it is not known where they are. Andrew is working on a farm. Claude is eleven years old. Nettie who has married Ernest Albert Crundwell is living in the north part of Brownwood City.22 They have a little daughter, Hazel R, who was born 10 July 1906.23 Ernest Albert is working delivering grains for a grain company.24 His parents are Joseph and Ruth Crundwell, longtime residents of Brownwood. Joseph was born in England and Ruth was born in Texas. His occupation is jeweler.25 After twelve years from the birth of Hazel R, Ernest Albert and Nettie have an addition to their family, Joseph Bradly who was born 28 July 1918.26

Claude Martin's WWI Draft Registration

In 1918 Claude has registered for World I service. He is living in San Lorenzo, Alameda county, California.26 Perhaps this is where his father Andrew J dies since there is a record of an Andrew J Martin dying in Alameda County on 20 April 1918.28 Claude states on the draft registration that he is working for the Mojave Powder Works in San Lorenzo, Alameda County, California and lists his mother, Abbie Martin of Los Angeles as next of kin.

In 1920 Ernest Albert and Nettie are found living in Los Angeles on North Kern St. Ernest is working for a flouring company as a salesman. So he is still involved with grains.29 Living with them is Nettie's mother, Sallie Abby Martin and Claude Martin. Claude is working as a gilder in an art store. There is no mention of Andrew and Sallie is not listed as a widow. It is not known what brought these two families to California.

By 1922 Claude has married Gertrude A. Swenson and soon has two children, Douglas C, born 16 October 1922 and Mary Elizabeth 16 August 1927. In 1930 he works as furniture upholster.30

In 1930 Ernest Crundwell and Nettie B. are living on Saturn Street near Vineyard. Ernest is 52 years old and working for a seed company as a salesman. The value of their home is $10,000. Next door to them is living Hazel who is married to H Murl Cripe. They are renting their home with a value of $25.00. H. Murl is 25 years old born in Indiana and both his parents were born in Indiana. He married at age of 20 and Hazel R. is 23 years married at age 18 years. Murl is working in upholstering in manufacturing. They have one daughter Nettie E. born 22 Mar 1930. 31

Ernest Albert Crundwell dies 1 Jun 196032 and Nettie dies 10 September 1971 in Los Angeles.33 Hazel dies 23 January 197734 and it is not known when H. Murl Cripe dies.35 Nettie Cripe dies 18 July 1963 in Los Angeles.36 Claude E Martin dies 37 Bradley J Crundwell dies 28 January 1995 in Palm Desert, Riverside, California where he lived for a number of years.38

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