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The McKisick Family

Our ancestors in Scotland were staunch Presbyterians, affiliated with the Campbells of Argyle against the Pretender in 1745. The feud between Argle and Montrose was so bitter that many of the Campbells, McKisicks and our kinsmen, the McGregors, left Scotland and went to Ireland about the time Prince Charles took possession of Edinburg. Probably between 1750 and 1760, they migrated from Ireland to America and settled first in Pennsylvania. They did not long remain there and with many others who migrated with the McKisicks moved from Pennsylvana to Lincoln County 1801-1810North Carolina. Those who migrated were probably the Dicksons, McEwens, McKnights, Hendersons, and Trotts.

It is very likely that the father of our McKisick being Daniel McKiscik was Robert McCusick or McKissick, who was born in Scotland, but came to America with Braddock's army. He seems to have settled first in Pennsylvania but eventually located in a part of Rowan county, North carolina, which later became Iredell, where the Dicksons and McEwens settled. He served seven years in the British army in the Twenty-Second Regiment of foot soldiers, Seventh Scottish grenadiers under Colonel Thomas Gage, Major Arthur Loftus, and Captain George Thron. He was with Braddock at the battle of Fort Duquesne. His discharge is dated Havana Cuba, July 3, 1763. His known children were John, James and Daniel. John came to Tennesse with the McEwen family into which he had married, and he and our Daniel settled in adjoining counties. Our Daniel settled on one of the rivers in Lincoln County, North Carolina where he had a fine farm.

Our lineage here begins with Daniel McKisick, his son, John McKisick and his grandson John Wilson McKissick.

McKisick Families

Daniel McKisick

John McKisick, son of Daniel McKisick

John Wilson McKissick, son of John McKisick and grandson of Daniel McKisick

Children of Daniel McKisick

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