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Devonport, Devon, England



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Henry Thomas Joseph  20 Nov 1853Devonport, Devon, England P4621
2 Badge, Doris Ellen Violet  Abt 1901Devonport, Devon, England P4606
3 Chubb, Matilda  1813Devonport, Devon, England P4306
4 Hawkins, Clara  22 March 1854Devonport, Devon, England P26
5 Hawkins, Eliza Jane  27 Sept 1834Devonport, Devon, England P941
6 Hawkins, Emma  1835Devonport, Devon, England P937
7 Hawkins, Harriet  7 March 1819Devonport, Devon, England P939
8 Hawkins, James  1815Devonport, Devon, England P20
9 Hawkins, john  1788Devonport, Devon, England P295
10 Hawkins, John  30 Jan 1861Devonport, Devon, England P18
11 Hawkins, Lilian Kate  October 1883Devonport, Devon, England P4315
12 Hawkins, Stephen  Abt. 1817Devonport, Devon, England P938
13 Hawkins, Stephen  Abt 1845Devonport, Devon, England P4307
14 Hawkins, Thomas James Robinson  03 Nov 1850Devonport, Devon, England P24
15 Hawkins, William  Abt 1890Devonport, Devon, England P4623
16 Hawkins, William John Harris  January 1890Devonport, Devon, England P4314


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hawkins, Catherine  Oct 1920Devonport, Devon, England P4310
2 Peain, James  7 Jul 1913Devonport, Devon, England P4291
3 Peake, Bertha  Jan 1926Devonport, Devon, England P4602
4 Upham, Horace  June 1936Devonport, Devon, England P4611

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